What’s so special about bamboos?  Remarkably functional, essentially a valuable, and precisely a charm of textured touch are the specifics in defining it’s productive usage amongst various industries today. Did you know? Bamboo species flower only once in their lifetime and is one of the fastest growing plants on planet earth, which is why it’s known for its rapid produce. Bamboo is also known for having creative versatile applications in various fields like instruments, fabrics and clothing, cooking, agriculture, constructive material, etc. Thus, No doubt it’s the wonder material and a green alternative for a better future. 

We’ve seen people with various skin conditions certainly being sensitised by poor quality fabrics and is a destructive in use which hints on whining in response to the usage of basic fabrics for bath towels. Such affairs often wrap you up in discomfort and distress. But Hush, don’t worry you’ve got a way out this yes, we here at gokak textile industry – established since 1887 have come up with the finest green and most comforting alternative of fabricating bath towels made from bamboo. Yes, you heard that right. Bamboo bath towels are now taking over the go to trend for luxury comfort and tranquillity. 

Why go for bamboo bath towels over other fabrics? Here’s what you need know. 

Although the cotton towels and its eccentric combination with few polyesters will retain its place in the textile industry but bamboo bath towels work eminently superior because of its naturally textured tint that embellishes its gentle Softness in every touch making its way in most boutiques, lavish spa, and hotels as gesture of posh comfort. Being a product of bamboo, it adheres an outstanding colourfastness and of course its durability is one yardstick of a quality to be adored undoubtedly. 

In addition to that the most remarkable breakthrough of bamboo bath towels is due to the following properties possessed by it. 

Antimicrobial Nature. 

Bamboo bath towels are naturally gifted by the antifungal and antibacterial properties of bamboo plant that makes it more beneficial for users. The bamboo bath towel having such a property signifies absolutely no growth of microbes on it and making it a germ resilient product. This relative ability of bamboo is of great importance. Thus, the individuals who utilise such towels are majorly less vulnerable to bacterial or fungal infections. 

Eco-friendly performance and resilient to spots. 

Today biodegradable products are a much more of significance compared to other substances that cause a concern of global threat. Bamboo being an ecologically viable plant is a perquisite for textile industries. Fibres after being most extensively used are losing their roots subsequently and does not get completely degraded in the soil. But that’s not the case with bamboo fibres as the roots are however retained upon its cyclical harvest.  Bamboo bath towels are produced wholly from a natural source which functions at its best potential for the atmosphere compared to any other alternative.  Furthermore, bamboo bath towels can turn out to be one of your best buys for bathroom essentials because it’s a lot way simpler to clean and maintain as the towels do not easily get greasy or body oils if they do so then you can effortlessly scrub the spots. Individuals who do not wash frequently can definitely find this piece very effective in use.

Chemically free | Excellent Absorbent | Ultra softness | 

The finest fabrics for towels are the natural Organic bamboo fibres free from parabens as it simply has everything that you’d look out for in a towel. Bamboo bath towels are 100% free from chemicals or any harmful additives, dyes or pesticides. It is perfectly a good absorbent, a multi-purpose and can be used for a course of long duration.  The Gokak’s luxury bamboo bath towels are densely thicker and has a highly powerful absorbency property which on use absorbs 3-4 times more amount of moisture compared to cotton or microfibre towels.

Since water is exposed frequently to the towels and is washed many a times which infers a poor quality and durability to the material in all sort of textiles. Bamboo bath towels make an exclusive exception to these as they are very well versed with quality and durability unlike conventional Turkish or Egyptian towels. To be honest most of the manufacturers flim towels with an artificial fabric softening finish which gives extra softness to ordinary fabricated towels but it wears off after 2-3 washes whereas 

Bamboo bath towels are of high GSM counts ( gsm per square meter indicates the density of the towels) which not only acts as a good absorbent but also is  truly an anti- pill , making them extremely soft and fluffy wash after wash. 

A Thermoregulator. 

Bamboo can help regulate body temperature easily. As Human beings we preferably get too hot Or cold once when we get into our artificial or conventional cotton bath towel it is due to the fact that individuals have different body temperatures pertaining to different places and time zones.  It keeps you warmer in winters because of the cross-sectional feature of the fibres ensuring the maintenance of heat by providing good insulation. While in summers it behaves opposite to the above as bamboo fabric keeps you calm and cooler due to its wicking property. Sometimes the skin undergoes a lot of changes due to seasonal periodicity such as irritation of the skin due to various reasons causing skin care concerns, keeping the skin utmost superior is a task of priority whilst bamboo already has the tendency of wicking moisture more quickly from the skin. Thus, Bamboo bath towels always help in maintaining a static ideal body temperature. 

Protection from UV rays 

Besides the major benefits of bamboo bath towels mentioned above, it also plays a vital role in naturally protecting ourselves from UV radiation. When u go to the beach, one of the most preferred activities by the people is just soaking into the sand and basking in the warmth of sunrays lying wrapped around in fine bamboo bath towels enjoying yourself in the cosiest way without worrying about the rays falling upon you knowing the bath towels filters through 97% of UV radiations and just having a real relaxing stigma around the softest coat of bamboo with the absence of ill effects from the sun.

The standard quality and prominent characteristics of  bamboo bath towel is incredibly compelling compared to the basics. For a pleasent life style Gokak is probably one of the finest textiles to go to. Afterall a happy buy makes a happy day. 

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