Beyond a shadow of doubt we all agree legging is an absolute basic essential in every  women’s wardrobe. Leggings are a great detail of comfort and an easy to go pick up outfit for all sort of occasions. But struggling to style a perfect outlook with a basic legging can sometimes be a little tricky. So come on let’s get you through all your answers on how to style and make your look go parallel with the ongoing chic vogue outlooks. 

That being said, leggings are not only comfy and pleasing but are also greatly versatile when you want your look to be effortless and have ease of taste. You can catch a lot of women wearing leggings while running errands, heading to the gym, travelling, a part of mandatory dress codes for colleges, or on fuss free shopping day. At times it becomes a little challenging to wear them outside home as they tend to look and feel so much like a loungewear. So we suggest you to mix match them with your wardrobe staples like layering the look or just choosing it with an oversized outlook making everything feel a lot more pulled together.

Of course, the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of leggings is the colour black as it happens to go with almost anything and everything in our wardrobes but here, at gokaktrends we not only make leggings available in different colours, fabric and style but also will let you know as to what and how can you style your dresses with the leggings giving your look a classic touch of elegance. If you are a person who compassionately loves to play around with colours, patterns and textures then definitely leggings is the perfect way to start with as leggings are known for being a timeless piece. Surprisingly the Legging happens to be one such garment that can never go out of fashion because of it’s minimalistic approach. The basic ideal behind this is to certainly mix and match to create your own styling with a classical solid colour leggings for workwear, sophisticated parties, typical traditional occasions or cosy homespun causal outfits. 

There’s a most popular opinion in the industry of fashion and people who admire it. The saying goes like ” Style is all about comfort ” So talking of comfort undoubtedly in the category of bottom wear leggings makes it to the top among the lists. In particular most women face problems with the choice of leggings when they go for a buy without an understanding of the detailing of a good fabric for their skin types. Foremost, one must know the basic contents of the fabric before a try out as everybody are of different skin types. We at gokaktrends manufacture the leggings having an 95% element of cotton, 5% of Spandex and

a GSM rating of 190. The final nudge to the product is given by the usage of a high quality and a compact yarn making it soft to feel and throwing out an art of comfort for the wear.

A fun fact, leggings provide a super coverage than any other lowers thus emphasizing your lower body and fits rightly into the shape. 

According to us leggings surely cannot do justice for formal attires but styling and carrying it righteously will give you a stare of a clean-cut swanky look. By this you will be given an access for acquiring both comfort and fashion together so dear ladies why not? 

At the moment we would want to suggest you – Always go for the leggings that fits you perfectly because avoiding Free Size buy will keep you away from a risk of dramatic fashion blunder. Don’t worry gokaktrends will help you in figuring out how to style them through this blog. 


Some best ways to style your leggings.


Here are some of the most relevant and a fashion considerate way of styling with the trend which are meant to help you decide and choose, so you look your best!  


1) Causal wear/party outfit 


In 2022 there is nothing better than pairing up a legging with an oversized sweatshirt or long T-shirts of any solid colours of your choice or a pattern of print on it. A monochrome top, a denim jacket and a pair of running shoes can also be the best casuals when going to the markets for shopping, or for an adventurous day. To go with this look there is never a need to accessorise or add anything because it is this simple outlook that makes the basis of styling even more appreciable. Also, do not forget the comfort sneakers as this will complete your whole look making it a lot more presentable and satisfying. 


Styling in a snug legging for wild parties is an intriguing part of fashion. Dare to go bold with this fashion by paring leggings with a cold shoulder crop top or a sexy corset top. And accessorising it with pair of fancy boots- the bolder the better! The complete look for rave parties is outstandingly chic as choosing a cheeky top to round out your style is lavishly prefect. 


2) Work outfit


If you are working in an office with a formal dress code, some vibrant and neon colours may tend to attract more notice than is appropriate so according to us avoiding such colours is at its best as colours does not have to seemingly be neon to make an impact; neutral and monochrome colours can be way more elegant when combined in interesting ways. One such outlook can be picking up the dark or neutral colour leggings paring it up with a turtleneck top or a monochrome top or a non-fancy plain top and layering the look with faux leather coats/long formal blazers and heeled booties. This entire look not only makes you look chic but also makes a way for aesthetics of minimalism and elegance. 

In India Kurtis and leggings is the basic dress code assigned for women in colleges or in few universities. Thus, buying the leggings can never turn out to be as a spendthrift. 


3) Active/fitness outfit


You can create an outfit that precisely matches your understanding with style, and a balance for sporty and ingenuity. These leggings are certainly good for Yoga, workouts and fitness as well. You can pair these up with different sport tops just as solid and supportive. From a high-impact, to low impact bra tops for hitting the gym or for yoga, workouts finely well. Other alternatives could be a moisture-wicking and form fitting tops for sport activities or picking up a long fitness T-shirts with the chosen designs for running, yoga etc. It all depends on your static approach for comfort and styling. 

At the end of the day putting your comfort and safety above all is what matters, fashion is all about freedom – so feel freely happy to experiment with your looks and enjoy the outcomes. 



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